Cookidoo Price increase July 2024

Cookidoo is set to have a price increase on the 29th July 2024 – here’s how to lock in the lower price

Vorwerk have announced a global Cookidoo price increase from 29th July 2024 but you can keep the current lower price.
Firstly, check which version of Cookidoo you are on. Login to the Cookidoo website.

On a desktop – not on your thermomix or in the app – Once logged in to Cookidoo, click on ‘My Recipes’ and see if you can see ‘Created Collections’. If you can see it, you’re on Cookidoo 3.0

Cookidoo version Thermomix

Next  let’s check if you have your payment details set to auto renew – this is how you keep the cheaper price.

To check if your payment details are set up, click on your profile picture and select ‘Account’ and then ‘Membership’. 
If you see a ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Revoke Cancellation’ button you do not have an active paid Cookidoo® subscription.
You may be on a trial subscription or have an active voucher but have not entered your payment details. You need to enter your payment details so you keep the £40 a year.  

Cookidoo subscribe

You can see when your Cookidoo voucher or free trial is due to expire

Cookidoo Membership expiry

Here are some tips from Thermomix Australia: Now that you know your Cookidoo® version and subscription status, follow the steps below to ensure your price is locked in before 28th July. 

Cookidoo® 3.0 customer with an active Cookidoo® subscription and payment details.

Good news! All you need to do is ensure your payment details are up to date, and you’ll remain on your current price of $69 for an annual Cookidoo® subscription. (£40 in the UK)

Cookidoo® 2.0 customer with an active Cookidoo® subscription and payment details. 

If you’d like to upgrade to Cookidoo® 3.0 to enjoy the additional benefits, including Scaled Recipes and Created Recipes, and lock in the current price of AUD $69/year (£40 UK), please upgrade by 28th July to secure the current price. 

If you don’t want to upgrade, make sure that your subscription is on auto-renewal and your payment details are valid so you can keep enjoying Cookidoo® as you are for AUD $49/year. (£30 in the UK)

Customer (either 2.0 or 3.0) who doesn’t have an active paid Cookidoo® subscription with payment details.
You may be on a trial subscription or have an active voucher but have not entered your payment details. 

To secure the current price, you’ll need to complete your payment details and activate your paid Cookidoo® subscription. You won’t be charged for your subscription until your current trial or voucher expires, and you can choose to cancel before then if you change your mind. 

For Cookidoo® 2.0 customers you can choose to stay on your Cookidoo® 2.0 version, or upgrade now to enjoy the additional benefits of Cookidoo® 3.0 at the current price of $69/£40.

Customer who is inactive, with no trial and no paid subscription.

We miss you! Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all of the benefits of having a Cookidoo® subscription. Come back now to secure the current price​.

New customers who have just bought or are about to buy their TM6. 

Being quick now pays off twice. The bonus trial subscription that comes with your TM6 purchase is reducing from 6 months to 3 months on 29th July. 

To secure your 6-month trial subscription, and lock in the current Cookidoo® subscription price of AUD$69, please ensure that you complete setting up your Cookidoo® subscription by 28th July. If you haven’t yet bought your TM6 we recommend doing so by 21st July* to allow enough time for delivery and set up. Here are the steps you need to take to complete your Cookidoo® set up.  

  • Create your Cookidoo® account by signing up with an email address and password. Your 30 day trial will automatically be activated.
  • Once your TM6 arrives, setup language, country, Wi-Fi on your new Thermomix® and login to Cookidoo® with your email address and password. 
  • Scan the QR code on your TM6 to unlock your 6 month trial and set up your paid Cookidoo® subscription. Enter payment data and accept terms. Your first payment will come out at the end of your trial. 

*We will endeavour to deliver all TM6 purchases prior to 21 July by 28 July. Please note, however, some external factors may delay deliveries, such as: 

  • Train/Transport outage 
  • If you live in remote areas, we encourage you order in early July to ensure you receive your Thermomix® in time. 

Please note you need to complete all these steps by 28th July to lock in your current price and the 6-month trial subscription. 

How long have I locked the price in for? 

If you have an existing Cookidoo® subscription and have enabled autorenewal of your subscription with up-to-date payment details, the price of your Cookidoo® subscription will stay the same. If in the future, Vorwerk announces changes to the price of a Cookidoo® subscription for existing Cookidoo® customers we will communicate that.

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