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Kels Noades - Thermomix 'Diamond Elite' Advisor

Awarded 'Number 1 Thermomix Advisor' in the UK & Ireland 2022 & 2023

Advisor number 119913 


BIG OFFER COMING TUESDAY 28th MAY - DON'T MISS OUT! CALL ME 07771648111 TO FIND OUT MORE!!!! We can't release it publicly yet as not all advisors know about it. As soon as I am allowed, I will post it here - you will be very pleased!

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Welcome to My Thermomix Adventures!

I set up ‘My Thermomix Adventures’ to share my culinary journey and for those of you who are new to Thermomix, to tell you all about them and how to buy one.

Whether you’re an amazing chef wanting a Thermomix for sauces and an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, a home cook lacking time or inspiration or a ‘can’t cook’ – Thermomix TM6 is for everyone. It’s my job to see where it might help you in your life and to support you to get the most out of it.

I’ve had a Thermomix since 2005 (the TM31), I use my Thermomix TM6 (the current model) multiple times a day as my cooking solution for a busy mum of three. Did you know, Thermomix replaces over 21 kitchen appliances?! 

I loved my Thermomix so much, that I just had to join the Thermomix/Vorwerk family and I’m now one of the top team leaders in the UK & Ireland (I was awarded Top Thermomix Advisor/Team Leader for 2022 & 2023).

On My Thermomix Adventures I share recipes, tips, new customer offers and more. I hope you find it useful! I also will sort everything out for you if you would like to buy a Thermomix TM6.

Thermomix price £1279 (they are never discounted).

Kels Noades 119913

‘Thermomix is one of the best products there is out there’ – Marcus Wareing Feb 2024 (at our Thermomix conference in Wales)


Thermomix free bowl offer

FREE second bowl and 0% finance and Panda deal!!

Amazing offers for May & June Here’s what we have from Tuesday 28th May… The best offer of the year is about to start, from Tuesday 28th May until midnight
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Thermomix Sensor discount

Thermomix Sensor discount for one week only

Thermomix Sensor discount Update – the bread knife is out of stock so the bundle is now the Sensor and the serving bowl for £59 From Monday 13th May to
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Thermomix May 2024 offer

May 2024 Thermomix offer (until 20th May)

Until 20th May 2024 you will get a free ‘5 ingredients’ cookbook with every TM6 order and the option of adding the Thermomix cutter for just £25. The cutter is
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If I order my Thermomix now, how long do I have to wait for delivery?

3-5 days, but often it’s quicker – DPD will deliver it.

Yes, you can convert regular recipes to be used in the Thermomix.

Yes, you can pay on finance over 12 to 48 months

You can do a soft search first, which will tell you if you would be approved before you apply.

Yes, your TM6 is very easy to use, even my children use it. Don’t forget to book in for a zoom session with me (Kels) once your Thermomix has arrived.