Welcome to My Thermomix Adventures!
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Cooking demos & classes take place on zoom, in the Lymington SO41 cooking studio, Southampton cooking studio and other locations – please let me know if you have a cooking space/kitchen showroom that I could use for a one off class.

Call me now on 07771 648 111 to arrange a demo, get a Thermomix on finance or by debit/credit card or to talk about becoming an advisor.

I love Thermomix and I use mine multiple times a day.  I set up My Thermomix Adventures to share my adventures with my own Thermomix and for those of you who are new to Thermomix, to tell you all about them and how to buy one.

My story…
I had a TM31 for many years and when I decided it was time for an upgrade, I had a demo at my house with a great advisor and I loved it so much, that after buying my own TM5, I decided to train as an Independent Thermomix Advisor myself.  I now show people the TM6 (the newest model) in action, reigniting their excitement for cooking, exploring some of the (70,000) recipes on Cookidoo (the Thermomix online recipe platform) and if they decide to buy a Thermomix, I help set up and guide them with their own machine.  I became a Thermomix Team Leader in 2020, if you would like to find out more about becoming an advisor in your area, let’s have a chat.

Kels doing a Thermomix class

My adventures have taken me to all sorts of places, including Lymington’s Seafood Festival where I presented in their demo kitchen. While there, I chatted to a few of the chefs about their Thermomix and how they use them. Alex Aitken from the Jetty restaurant said he’s had a Thermomix for 30 years.  The chefs from Chewton Glen have them and Sam from ‘Liberty Loves’ said her Thermomix cuts her work down from minutes to seconds. It was so much fun meeting professional chefs and cooks who all love their Thermomix!

I have quite a few clients who are chefs and it’s always good to hear how people use them in their day to day life whether professionally or at home.