Thermomix, or Bimby as it’s known in a lot of Europe, was launched in 1971!

This is what Vorwerk, the company that makes Thermomix has to say on what Thermomix is…

‘Thermomix® is so much more than just a gadget – it’s an investment. If you’ve never seen or used a Thermomix® before, you’ll be amazed at how much time, effort and money it can save you. Gone are the days of pre-made sauces, frozen ready-meals and expensive takeaways, because the results you can achieve with Thermomix® are second to none. Powerful, versatile and simple to use, Thermomix® opens up a whole world of delicious and creative possibilities.

Our business is slightly different to others in that the Thermomix® is only sold by our Advisors, who will also give you a fantastic opportunity to see a Thermomix® in action in your own home before you decide whether it’s right for you. A live demonstration is simply the best way to see what it can do and to learn how to prepare incredible food with the Thermomix® in a relaxed and informal setting.

Everything you need to get the very best out of your Thermomix® comes included as standard, including a fantastic cookbook with over 160 recipes. The cleverly-designed accessories will help you save space in the kitchen by eliminating the need for a wide range of bowls and utensils!’

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What’s included with your Thermomix?

Simply put, everything. When you invest in a Thermomix you don’t need to buy any extra attachments, equipment or spare parts. The only thing you might need is a blade cover, this is a new accessory but you don’t have to have one – it’s sometimes used in sous vide recipes.

The accessories it comes with include the Varoma for steaming, which helps to preserve the vitamins in fresh ingredients and to cook low-fat meals. There’s also a simmering basket for cooking side dishes such as rice, potatoes or vegetables and for sieving fruit juices, while mousse, cream or egg whites can be whipped to perfection with the useful butterfly whisk. Even the cover for the hole in the lid of the mixing bowl doubles up as a handy measuring cup! Every accessory has been carefully engineered and ingeniously designed to ensure that you can enjoy the full range of possibilities from your Thermomix from day one.

Your Thermomix comes complete with everything you need, including:

VAROMA (steaming basket at top of Thermomix – this has two trays)
SIMMERING BASKET (used to cook rice, potatoes, can be used as a strainer, sits inside the ‘bowl’)
BUTTERFLY WHISK (used for whipping up meringues, sorbet, ice cream etc)
BOWL (this is what you call the jug type bowl that you see with the handle)
MEASURING CUP (this sits in the lid to stop splashes and is removed when using the Varoma)
THERMOMIX SPATULA (really clever design – I’ll show you at your demo)


With Thermomix ®, you can access the extensive and ever-growing Thermomix ® Recipe Platform. It’s a brilliant online resource for ideas and inspiration, and for a wealth of recipes that have been certified by Vorwerk to ensure they work perfectly with your Thermomix ®. The Thermomix ® Recipe Platform is the heart of a growing world of online guidance and information that helps you get even more out of your Thermomix ®, and its integrated weekly planner feature even helps you organise your meals and plan your shopping. This mouth-watering range of delicious recipes is available online anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or tablet and brings the world of Thermomix ® cooking to life wherever you are!

When you have a Recipe Chip then the recipes on it can be added to your personal account on the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform. As a new Thermomix ® user you’ll also receive a free collection of recipes when you register on the platform, and you can add more Vorwerk-certified recipes by browsing and purchasing the themed recipe collections.

ON-GOING SUPPORT – the Thermomix ‘5 star service’ advisors like me offer



When you purchase a Thermomix ®, it’s not just hardware and software that are included in the price – you’ll also receive fantastic support from your local Advisor (me!). With free cooking demonstrations and helpful advice, your Advisor is there to support you every step of the way, whenever you need it. This support doesn’t end after you’ve made your purchase – you can stay in touch with your Advisor for everything from getting started with your Thermomix ® to help with the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform, to cooking classes, recipe tips and so much more.

What’s included?
Thermomix®  TM6 comes complete with:

  • Varoma: 3.3 l capacity for steaming
  • Butterfly: Stirring attachment
  • Lid: Bowl lid with measuring cup insert
  • Measuring Cup: Improved measuring cup for easier usage
  • Spatula: Improved Spatula with softer, easier to use material
  • Basket: Improved simmering basket
  • Simple Ideas Cookbook