TM6 on finance

0% interest 30th May 2022 to 10th June 2022 – 12, 24 or 36 months for the 0%
Can you buy Thermomix TM6 on finance – spread payments?
Yes you can!

You can’t do this through the official website (and you should always buy through an advisor, like me, as you get my on-going support).

Spread payments – Finance

We offer a finance option for purchasing a Thermomix, options are for 12, 24 or 36 months with interest of 9.9% APR.
The finance is through Novuna finance (previously called Hitachi) and you can have a soft search first to see if you would be approved before applying.
If you’d like to spread payments over 12 months it’s £100.74 a month, 24 months £52.75 & 36 months is £36.80.

What do you need to do? Give me a call or text on 07771 648 111 and I will go through the questions with you to do a soft search or if you don’t want a soft search, I can set up a link so that you fill out all the questions yourself, I just need your:
👉Full Name (what you have on your passport & bank account, not abbreviated)
👉Email address
👉Phone number
👉How many months you would like to spread payments over – 12, 24 or 36 months.

You can email me on

Novuna usually give an instant answer as to whether you are approved or not. If doing a soft search, it says whether you will be approved before you actually apply (this doesn’t leave an ‘inprint’ on your record).