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Get Thermomix on finance / spread monthly payments

12/24/36/48 months available

Buy Thermomix TM6 – Can you buy Thermomix TM6 on finance – monthly spread payments?  Yes you can!
Message or email me on 07771 648 111 / (please include a contact number) or fill out the form below and I can arrange everything for you, including showing you how it all works. 

I’m based in Hampshire, I have customers all over the UK and Ireland and most of my support is over zoom.  I will continue to look after you once it has arrived – I do zoom classes and I have a FB private group & whatsapp group to help inspire you.

So you can choose from £105.25 (12 months) to as little as £32.48 (48 months). That’s around £1 a day for a Thermomix and you’ll save more than that by having one!

You can’t do this through the official website (and you should always buy through an advisor, like me, as you get my on-going support).

Your data is stored in compliance with GDPR for more details please contact

Spread payments – Finance

We offer a finance option for purchasing a Thermomix, options are for 12, 24 or 36 months with interest of 11.9% APR – they are £1189. So you can choose to pay from around £105 per month over 12 months or just under £31 per months over 4 years – ask me for the exact breakdown.
The finance is through Novuna finance (previously called Hitachi) and you can either fill out the application yourself or have a soft search first to see if you would be approved before applying – soft searches have to be done on the phone.
If you’d like to spread payments over 12/24/36/48 months 

What do you need to do? Give me a call or text on 07771 648 111 and I can arrange a zoom demo to show you how it works, if it’s a gift I can do a zoom session once they have received it.

Novuna usually give an instant answer as to whether you are approved or not. If doing a soft search, it says whether you will be approved before you actually apply (this doesn’t leave an ‘inprint’ on your record).