Thermomix launch in Athens, Greece

To Launch Vorwerk in Greece, ten of the top Thermomix team leaders and advisors from around the world were handpicked to come together and do a surprise presentation for the press and influencers in Athens. It was kept secret from everyone until the launch on Friday 22nd March 2024. The press and influencers who included TV presenters and celebrity chefs, came to the launch but didn’t know what to expect. Each advisor had a special set where they presented a typical dish from their country.  

One of my high lights was that my name is now on Cookidoo and our recipes were translated into Greek and a special collection of recipes was created – search Hellas under collections on Cookidoo and you’ll find it. 

Some photos from the launch of Thermomix Greece with the Top Ten Thermomix advisors Worldwide

Here's the top ten Thermomix advisors Worldwide who were selected to represent Vorwerk at the launch of Thermomix Greece:

Alida Thermomix France

Alida Anguizzola

Alida from Milan, Italy


Birgit Conig

Birgit from Vienna, Austria
Birgit’s instagram

Cristina Viera

Cristina from Portugal Cristina’s instagram

Cristina Aguilar

Cristina from Portugal 

THERMOMIX Elodie_France

Elodie Verhoeven

Elodie from Lyon, France
Elodie’s instagram

Rika Thermomix Germany

Rika Koner

Rika from Plauen (Saxony) Germany
Rika’s instagram 


Joanna Powazka

Joanna from Poland
Joanna’s instagram

Sarah Campoy

Sarah Campoy

Sarah from Mexico
Sarah’s instagram

Kels Noades

Kels from New Forest, England (UK) 
My instagram

Marga Munoz

Marga from Spain
Marga’s instagram

We managed to fit in some sight seeing too

I was lucky to fit some sightseeing in with some of the early arrivals and we had a relaxed lunch and a spot of shopping too.

None of us knew each other before the event but by the end, we felt like we’d known each other forever. As with all Thermomix events, there was some amazing food and we were taken out to Dionysos Zonar’s restaurant the night before the event. The view of the Acropolis was incredible and the food was just as good. Definitely a restaurant that I will go to again.

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