I’ve now done two Thermomix Christmas cookery classes so far and shown a range of delicious Christmas recipes you can make in your Thermomix. Why not have a go yourself?  Here are some of things that me & my team made over the two classes plus some other suggestions for you.

Here are some of my suggestions for Christmas recipes…

Biscotti (great for a gift too) https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r90145

Spiced Cranberry & orange saucehttps://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r252612

Suede and carrot mash https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r95542

Hot artichoke dip, now I know this might sounds disgusting (or is that just me because I don’t like artichoke??) but it really is delicious! Best served piping hot with some carrot sticks or chunks of sour dough bread. My favourite sour dough is the spelt loaf from Hoxton Bakery. https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r493769

Chocolate truffles – another fab gift idea – https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r491297

Rosemary & parmesan shortbread, I found this needed more rosemary than the 1 sprig it suggested to really get the flavour – https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r421820

Yule log, I used to make these as a girl – they look so good on a Christmas table and are delicious https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r360467

Amaretti biscuits https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r85060

 Almond addiction https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r89698

Amaretti https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r85060 

Cheese straws  https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r484126 

Sun-dried tomato dip https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r70861

Smoked mackerel pate  https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r178682 

Quick crumble cake  https://cookidoo.co.uk/recipes/recipe/en-GB/r146695 


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