I’ve had people say, more than once, ‘I don’t need a Thermomix, I’m a good cook’. I always find this strange but I think it’s probably because they haven’t seen a demo and they see the guided cooking and think it’s for those who can’t cook. That’s definitely not the case and most top restaurants will have a Thermomix in the kitchen.

I believe the TM6 is for everyone and it’s my job to help you see where it would aid you in the kitchen. If you’re a fabulous chef you’ll use it differently to those who feels they can’t even boil an egg successfully (yes the egg boiler mode should help you there too!)  Many a can’t cook/won’t cook person has been converted by the TM6 which is always wonderful to hear.

Lots of chefs have a soft spot for the TM31, Heston Blumental apparently has 13 Thermomix at the Fat Duck in Bray – my friend has visited and said he has an entire room for them.
So what do they use them for? Lots of different things.
Limewood hotel use them for the base to all their ice creams.
Le Manoir in Oxford use them for their sauces
I have a chef at a golf course in Surrey who uses his to do sorbet for big weddings, he pre-makes the elderflower and prosecco sorbet, freezes it and just churns it in the Thermomix before serving.
I’ve seen Heston on MasterChef using them for all sorts of weird things
The chocolate counter in Harrods use them for their ganache
Chewton Glen use them and James Martin has been spotted using them on TV many a time
The list goes on

I find the general theme with chefs is that they often use the very precise temperature on the Thermomix and the fact they don’t need an extra person to stir either.

Luke Holder from Limewood and Kels

If you are buying for a commercial kitchen the Thermomix only comes with one year warranty, if it’s for your own home, it’s 2 years. You also get 6 months cookidoo (the online recipe platform). I will remain your advisor and I can get your staff up to speed with how it works and some tips – don’t drag it as the scales are in the feet would be my number one!

If you need any help I will look after you and I love hearing what my clients make in theirs.  Do get in touch if you would like a demo or to place an order. I can get a pro forma invoice raised or I can take credit card over the phone or do spread payments if it’s for you personally and not through a business.
Kels 07771 648 111

Chef Michael trying out the sorbet

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