Here's the low down on the Thermomix Friend

What does the Thermomix do and what is it good for?

Have a watch of the video I’ve made to take you through what the Thermomix Friend can and can’t do.

It goes on reverse up to speed 2 – this means it cannot chop or blend. It heats and stirs and is compatible with the TM5 and TM6. The Thermomix Friend will connect by Bluetooth to your Thermomix TM5 or TM6 (you flick a switch underneath to change from TM5 to TM6).

It’s great for continuing to cook soups or steam meat/veg or cook your rice while your curry cooks on your Thermomix.
It can’t handle chunky ingredients like big chunks of chicken. I’ve used it for mulled wine at Christmas as it keeps it warm and stirs – perfect.


The timer can be set for up to 2 hours manually.


Thermomix Friend® operates on two different speeds, and always in reverse. Ingredients should be chopped first in Thermomix®, before being cooked in Thermomix Friend®, or cooked directly in the simmering basket or Varoma. Weighing, blending, crushing, grating, whisking, or any other function that requires a higher speed needs to be done in Thermomix®


Manually choose temperatures from 37°C up to Varoma in 5°C increments:
• 37 – 80°C to warm gently (e. g. soups, stews)
• 80 – 95°C to heat water (e. g. for white or green tea) or milk without over-boiling
• 100°C to boil water or cook (e. g. soups, pasta, rice or potatoes in the simmering basket)

• 105 – 115°C to cook (e. g. sugar syrup)

• 120°C to sauté (e. g. onions, but remember to chop first in Thermomix®)

• Varoma to steam (e. g. fish, meat, breads, cakes)

Some things 

  • Cook pasta in Thermomix Friend® while preparing the sauce in Thermomix®. 
  • Cook the main dish in Thermomix Friend® while making a side dish in Thermomix®. In just 30 minutes, you can cook a full meal, such as Gnocchi in Tomato Mascarpone Sauce, Broccoli Salad and Fruit Sorbet. 
  • Make dinner in Thermomix Friend® while tomorrow’s lunch is cooking in Thermomix®. 
  • For special occasions, make the sauce in Thermomix Friend®, while the fish course is steaming on top, all while knowing it will be cooked to perfection and ready at the same time. Simultaneously prepare side dishes or desserts for a complete meal in Thermomix®.


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