One of my lovely customers who has moved to Australia sent me these gorgeous cookie cutters that they sell on the Mix Shop over there   They have some great stuff if you’re based in Aus, definitely take a look.

We used the sweet pastry recipe from cookidoo and royal icing to decorate.

Using Sugarflair gel colours to colour the grey and black shades.


I love baking with my kids, it gives us some quality time together and we get yummy treats too. Often they’ll chat about things while doing an activity that they might not normally. I used to be an art teacher and I found this with my pupils too, doing a creative activity and looking at what you are doing, rather than at someone, gives freedom to chat more openly.

These TM6 cookies took ages to ice – we’re not very experienced with flooding icing and these have quite a few different areas so are fiddly but a lot of fun! If you have them and want an easier option, use fondant icing and just imprint them with the cutter.

We even made a limited edition Noir cookie!!
Check out our finished cookies – definite room for improvement but a lot of fun!

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