Thermomix sensor - what is it?

Thermomix sensor has just been launched – a new accessory for your Thermomix. 

What does it do? It’s like the ‘Meater’ but for bread and cakes and things (although it does work on meat too). You put the sensor into your dough and depending on what you are cooking, it works out the optimum internal temperature of the, for example, bread and it tells you once it’s reached that temperature and is ready to be taken out of the oven.

I got to have a play with it: check out the video below where I set it up and have a first attempt at using it on the ‘Everyday white bread’ from Cookidoo. Despite having not charged it up, it out did my expectations and I ended up with ‘the best bread I’ve ever made’ according to my husband!  

I have also used it on a chocolate cake when we were trying it out in the office and that also worked perfectly.

I’ve always said that the only fails I have with my Thermomix is the oven part and now I have the solution!

The Sensors are apparently going to be £129 when released, I’m just waiting on confirmation as to the date they go on sale in the UK & Ireland and I’ll update this post. You can currently get a discount on it if you host a demo with two or more people.

I think these are going to becoming a household favourite even for people without a Thermomix (but I don’t know any of those 🤣).

How does it differ from the Meater?

The main difference is the Sensor can actually connect to your TM6 and you can program it from there. 

Sensor Thermomix with meat
Thermomix sensor

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