This post is from 2021 – to find out the current, up to date, Thermomix offer visit my buy page or blog above.

Text or call me to go for it 07771 648 111

A soft search can be done first and this way you can see if you would be accepted before you officially apply

Original post from October 2021….
We’ve never had 0% interest on 36 months before when buying a Thermomix  – this is the first time ever. For the whole of October 2021 you can choose 12, 24 or 36 months interest free finance if you buy through me.  Finishes 1st November 2021 – get it before it goes!

If you’d like to get the 0% offer please give me a call on 07771 648 111, I also have some gifts – ask me how to get one.

It just takes a few minutes on the phone with me so I can go through the application and then you can have a Thermomix in your home within days.  I’ll help you get set up and suggest some recipes to start with and you’l be cooking up a storm in no time!  You’ll have my ongoing help as your advisor too.

So if you would like a Thermomix TM6 in your home but don’t want to pay in one go – this is perfect, pay monthly instead. Spread your payments for just over £1 per day.

Give me a call on 07771 648 111 and I can go through the payment plan and got through any questions you have.  I have lots of zoom demos you can join if you haven’t seen one already and you can even get a free gift for hosting if you invite friends to watch (zoom or in person).

There’s also the option of the sous vide bundle for half price, this can be added to your finance too. The Thermomix TM6 has some fab sous vide recipes that you’ll love.


  1. Hello, since I do not have creditworthiness, is there a chance to buy a termomix in installments

    • Yes give me a call on 07771 648 111

      • Is this still available

  2. Is the purchase option still valid?

    • Hi yes you can still spread payments and you can do a soft search first to check if you will be eligible. Give me a call on 07771 648 111

  3. Hi
    Is the offer for 0% still available.

    • It’s back until the end of march

  4. Will this deal be on again anytime soon?

    • Hi Nikko it’s back on – give me a call on 07771 648 111 I can do a soft search first to check if you are eligible for finance

  5. I hope 0% offer will be up again soon. want to buy my own thermomix.

    • Hi Ross it’s back! Give me a call to put an order through 07771 648 111

  6. Hi, is this still available on interest free

    • Hi David Interest free ended November 1st – you can still do spread payments and I can add you to my list of people to contact if 0% is available again. Just text me your number so I can message you as soon as I hear. Thanks, Kels 07771 648 111

    • Hi David it’s back for all of April 2022! Text or call 07771648111 and I can arrange for you.

  7. Hi

    How much is the termomix 6 price ?
    Can you buy it for instalments?


    • £1149 for either white or black – yes thermomix is always available in instalments – in UK it’s 12, 24 or 36 months (0% for 12 months until 31/3/22) and Ireland has spread payments too. I cover all of UK & Ireland

    • Hi Ilona I know we’re all sorted now but this month we have 12 months interest free for April 2022

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