I have heard quite a few stories recently about people getting scammed by a bogus website claiming to sell discounted Thermomix TM6. THERMOMIX NEVER DISCOUNT! We do special offers, things like a cookbook & apron included or a cookidoo voucher but we don’t discount the current model. 

If things sound too good to be true, they generally are and a discounted TM6 with lots of extra freebies isn’t real. You will not receive a Thermomix and you will lose your money.  Thermomix is sold through people like me, independent advisors and team leaders, we use Novuna finance for finance applications and we have a system for card payments through Vorwerk.co.uk

I have reported the bogus website, it was already with Vorwerk lawyers but it takes a while to be able to take down a website that doesn’t belong to you. 

Please don’t get scammed, you don’t need to do a bank transfer to buy a Thermomix – if you want to buy that way I can arrange it but it’s through a pro-forma invoice through head office – again this is from Vorwerk.co.uk. The most common way is to buy with a credit or debit card and you are protected by your bank this way. 

By buying through an advisor or Team Leader you get our ongoing support and you also help our little Thermomix businesses too. 

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