Thermomix cutter now available to buy!

What is it, what can you do with it and how do you use it?

The new Thermomix cutter is now available to buy!! (It was a VERY long wait)

What does the Thermomix cutter do?

It grates and slices and has both thick and thin settings for both options

It fits into your Thermomix bowl, has a blade that on one side slices and the other, grates. You can pick thick or thin cut. There is a function on the TM6 so that you don’t even have to set a speed – it sets it all for you.

What might you use the Thermomix cutter for?

Slicing potatoes for a dauphinoise or apples for a tart. Grate veg for coleslaw or salad bowls. I also like to grate loads of cheddar cheese in one go.

Can I use the Thermomix cutter on my TM5 and TM31 too?
The cutter is compatible with the Thermomix TM6 & TM5 but not the TM31 or older models (the bowls are smaller on the older models).

They are £99 to buy and get them quick as they sold out very quickly last time.

You can buy them here 
Please select me as your advisor Kels Noades advisor number 119913

Here are some recipes to use your cutter on

Buddha bowl using thermomix cutter

Here's a video I made when it first came out

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