Thermomix cutter

The eagerly anticipated Thermomix cutter will be available to buy in January 2024 (launched January 2023 but it sold out in three days!), in this video below, I take it through it’s paces and let you know what I think of the new Thermomix accessory.  What does it do? It grates and slices and has two settings for each – thin/thick.

It’s been really frustrating that they’ve not been in stock, apparently the blade part is made by an external company and Vorwerk haven’t been able to get them. It’s been the same all over Europe and different countries have had a small batch at different times. Do join my Thermomix Cutter waiting list below to be one of the first to hear once they are available. 

If you’d like to buy it on it’s own, it’s £85, fill out this form to be on my call list once they are available (they can only be bought through an advisor like me). Click here for the form

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