I had a Thermomix stall at a lovely cookery school event, with top chefs from London & Hampshire competing against each other for each course.  While the event was going on I watched some of it and I bid on and won both a main course and a dessert.  As I was on my own one of the helpers said they’d get a chef to join me and Luke Holder from Limewood’s Hartnett & Holder kept me company. It was lots of fun, the two girls who had won the other main course had met Luke before at the ‘kitchen table’ at Limewood – apparently a must for foodies. Luke & I talked Thermomix, food and how neither of us could believe the vegan dessert was vegan! I found out that Limewood make all their custards and ice cream bases in their thermomixes.  It’s amazing how many top chefs use Thermomix and yet it’s still not that well know in the UK.
I met lots of great people, I’ve added the Captain’s table restaurant to my list of local restaurants to visit and I will also be checking out coffee mongers in Ampress park (they had a stall too), I’ll share the details with my Thermomix clients if they run the event again next year.

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