Tripod for food videos

I often get asked what set ups I use to film/photograph my recipes. I have just found a really good tripod that has a good height and a flexible phone holder, that can take the weight of my phone while being over my Thermomix. I’ve tried a few which topple over when I’ve tried this but this one is good for the Job!

As requested, click here for the link

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In terms of lighting, soft boxes are best but a ring light is a good cheap and not reasonably small option. Let me know if you’d like a link to ring lights I have.

Tripod set up
Tripod for filming food videos

I’ve tried it out for a few things, including filming me typing stuff with my computer screen visible.

Tripod for filming beauty treatments

Kara Ball and I had a play with it for her beauty treatments (that’s me about to have an amazing facial!)

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