I’ve been meaning to do a cooking class with James Martin for a long time – we live near Chewton Glen & I’d heard good things.  My children have done lots of cookery classes there and always enjoy them, I’ve even done a parent and child one which is a great way to spend some quality time together too.

James was fantastic showing us all how to create the recipes, shared loads of fab tips on cooking the perfect steak, came round to show us individually how to perfect the dishes (the culinary version of a pilates teacher!) The group were really lovely, lots of us were on our own, quite a few were birthday & Christmas presents that had been put off due to covid.

We learnt how to make fresh pasta – I think all of us ordered a pasta roller! I finally found a use for my unused Kenwood that I don’t want to get rid of as it was a wedding present – the pasta attachment is fab! I think the pasta we made is possibly the best I’ve ever tasted.

It was definitely not without calories! James’ new book is called Butter and he does like cream & butter in his dishes.

You can book James’ cooking classes by going to the Chewton Glen cookery school webpage https://www.chewtonglen.com/the-kitchen-cookery-school/find-a-cookery-course/search/  
It’s worth registering on their waiting list if you can’t book a space, I got my space from the waiting list the week before the class as they have a cover cancellation.

James is a big fan of Thermomix and you’ll have seen him using his trusty TM31 on many of his TV shows. I tried to convince him to upgrade to a TM6 and I think he may be open to trying it out – watch this space!





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