Is Thermomix easy to use?

People often ask if Thermomix is easy to use and yes Thermomix is really easy to use, in fact so easy, I got my daughter to show that even an 8 year old can make a curry in it!

My children use the Thermomix all the time, I use it at least once a day so there is lots for them to help with. There’s no danger of them burning themselves over a stove and with the locking arms, they can’t turn it on without a lid (saving them from any splashing disasters!).
If you’d like to see the Thermomix in action, get in contact and I can show you a demo on zoom.

Once your Thermomix has arrived I do a new customer session on zoom where I go through lots of tips and tricks so that you get the most out of your Thermomix TM6.

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