How to buy Thermomix in the UK. What is Thermomix ? How long is the warranty?

What is Thermomix
  • What is Thermomix?

  • How can you buy Thermomix?

  • How long is the warranty?

  • What does the Thermomix come with – do I need to buy extras bits? (original post written Dec 2018 – updated Feb 2023 to include additional accessories now available & current TM6 price)

  • How much is Thermomix?

How do I buy a TM6 Thermomix?

Question… Thermomix can’t be bought in the shops, so how do you buy one?
Answer…. Through me! Fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I can sort everything out for you.
They’re sold through Independent Thermomix Advisors like me (Kels) and I would love to be your advisor. All advisors and team leaders can sell all over the UK & Ireland including the Channel Islands. 
I was named top Team Leader/Advisor in the UK & Ireland for 2022, so you’re in safe hands. To find out more about me please visit my ‘About’ section.
Please get in touch (07771 648 111 / to buy or to arrange a Thermomix zoom demo.

I’ll help you get set up with your Thermomix TM6 from showing you how Thermomix works to buying by card, finance or becoming an advisor to earn one for free.
If it’s for a gift I can do a welcome zoom once they receive it.

How much are they?

NB Thermomix never discount – the current model, TM6 is £1189 (check out my home page/how to buy page for this month’s offer if there is one).

Get in contact to have a chat (Kels) on 07771 648 111 or by emailing (Please include a contact number)

What is Thermomix TM6?

What is a Thermomix?
Thermomix is an amazing machine, it can replace more than 21 kitchen appliances. The TM6 is the most up to date model and the only one we sell.
It weighs
Mills spices
Kneads dough
Makes ice cream
Slow cooks
Sous vide

It evens makes cocktails

Now (updated Feb 2023) you can buy two new accessories – a blade cover peeler £32 (peels potatoes) and soon a Cutter £85 (grates and slices) to make your thermomix do EVEN More!

What does the TM6 Thermomix come with?

How to but ThermomixWhat’s included?
Your machine, one ‘bowl’ (what we call the ‘jug’ part of the Thermomix), Cookbook, Thermomix spatula, butterfly whisk, splash guard, measuring cup, simmering basket (where you put rice to cook inside the bowl), instruction manual, varoma (the steaming bowl that goes on top).
A two year warranty (1 year if buying commercially) extended warranty also available 

14 days money back guarentee

You also get access to:
Free cooking classes
A free welcome visit from me, your advisor – around 2 weeks after you get your machine, I’ll take you through everything again and go through anything you want extra support with, usually this is on zoom.

Advice and support from your advisor (me)

How do I place an order for my Thermomix?

Thermomix TM6 is £1189, you can make one payment or spread your payments over 12, 24, 36 & 48 months. Please see ‘How to buy’ section of my website for the spread payments and to request a finance application. It’s currently 14.9% APR (2023) 

Thermomix don’t discount but occasionally a gift may be included or a bundle offer available. I also have some Thermomix gifts I can give you for hosting & referring friends – ask me how to get them – these change each month.

Thermomix say ‘Thermomix® is so much more than just a gadget – it’s an investment. If you’ve never seen or used a Thermomix® before, you’ll be amazed at how much time, effort and money it can save you. Gone are the days of pre-made sauces, frozen ready-meals and expensive takeaways, because the results you can achieve with Thermomix® are second to none. Powerful, versatile and simple to use, Thermomix® opens up a whole world of delicious and creative possibilities.’

Call Kels on 07771648111 or email and please include your phone number too. 

I’m based in Hampshire, UK and I support customers all over the country (even some abroad although I can can only sell to UK & Ireland). All our advisors can sell to all the UK & Ireland.

Get in touch for demos and to buy!

What is thermomix

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