On Thursday 16th December at 7pm I am on the Thermomix official Facebook page making gingerbread houses. If you would like to make your own Gingerbread house, here’s a few tips from me.
The cookidoo recipe I used is this one make your icing just before you need it as it hardens – warm up your bottle (if using) in hot water to revive it.

Icing bottles: these are the ones I use but there are lots of types available or just use an icing bag and an icing tip – the thinner the better.

You can use any selection of sweets, often they are a bit on the big side so I used quite a few sprinkles for cupcake decoration. You can buy these in most supermarkets and each one has a different selection so it’s worth shopping around.  Tescos, Waitrose, Morrisons – all have a good selection. I just picked up some lovely holly ones in Waitrose which I used quite a few of on my houses, plus some stars and hearts.

There are different types of moulds and cutters. My ones were from Amazon both the mould and cutter & plus I got some in Lidl (cutters). I find a mould easier to use as the pieces keep their shape. The ones I bought seem to be out of stock, this one is very similar as an alternative.


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