Discounted Thermomix TM6 – can you buy them cheaply?

There have been a few bogus sites popping up recently and more than once I’ve been told “I’d love to buy through you but I’ve just seen it cheaper online”.

Don’t do it!!!

Thermomix NEVER discounts a current model, the closest they’ve done is a discounted bundle of the TM6 & TM5 combined, to get rid of old TM5 stock. You will never see Thermomix discounting the TM6 and the bogus website looks a lot like it’s real, but believe me, it isn’t.

We know of a lot of people who have been scammed by these sites. Vorwerk gets the websites taken down but it takes time to do it and then these con artists open another website. I’ve seen 3 different variations in the last year and they use all the same branding as Thermomix. 

I’ve heard of quite a few people losing money to them and just this week, I’ve had two customers mention it. 

While we’re on the subject, Vorwerk added the option to buy through the website when lockdown started, we have always been a direct selling business and advisors are not paid a salary, they only earn if someone buys through them.  All of the help, classes, phone calls etc are all done for free, we spend hours supporting our customers, doing demos for potential customers and running free cooking events. I love supporting my customers but the ability to buy through the website means I can do a demo for someone and since the website has been added, their partner or family member can go to the website and buy as a surprise without them knowing and they don’t get the support of me, which is a shame as you get so much more out of your Thermomix with an advisor.

I would love to be your advisor but even if you don’t buy through me, please always go through an advisor. It costs you no more but you get the ongoing support if and when you need it.  If you are buying through the website, my advisor number is 119913 – this way you’ll be linked to me and you’re also helping my business without any extra cost to you.

So how to order? Give me a call on 07771 648 111 or send me an email with your number and I’ll get back to you. I have all the best offers available (often not available online), I can arrange spread payments for you and I will look after you for years to come so you use your Thermomix loads!

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