April 2023 Customer Offer – Thermo serve bowl

From 11th April you can add a Thermomix serving bowl for £10 when you buy a TM6. These bowls kes food hot or cold and can go straight on the table to serve from. 

All of April (from 3rd) you will receive the ‘Free From’ cookbook with all orders 


3rd-11th April 2023 we had a Thermomix friend & bowl for just £199, this offer has now ended

For just £199 you can receive a Thermomix friend complete – that means with the extra bowl too.

An extra bowl on it’s own is £169 and a friend without the bowl is £360 – so you can see why we’re excited!

As usual, you can buy on finance or card – finance payments can be 12/24/36/48 months.

For example, 36 months just your Thermomix would be £38.08 or £45.64 with the friend complete, please get in touch if you’d like the other monthly break downs.

Give me a call on 07771 648 111 or you can email me on demo@mythermomixadventures.com 

April 23 Thermomix offer

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