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Special Offer for Thermomix Summer 2024

Exclusive special offer when buying Thermomix TM6.

Until 29th July you’ll also get an additional 3 months cookidoo (6 months until 29th July & 3 months after)
From Tuesday 2nd July 2024 to 2nd September 2024 we have £100 cash back* on your Thermomix.
*Cash back is given in Tesco vouchers and will be sent to you by email around 5 days after you receive your Thermomix (voucher to be redeemed in-store). 
You can use it to buy lots of lovely ingredients for your new Thermomix recipes AND you can use cookidoo to plan out your recipes. Or treat yourself to some nice wine to go with your new culinary delights you’ll be whipping up in your TM6.

If you’d like to get this offer please fill out the blue form at the bottom of the page here

Thermomix tm6 what it comes with

As usually you will get 2 years free warranty, 3 months cookidoo access and the standard accessories which are:
simmering basket
splash guard