Recipe suggestions for when you first get your Thermomix TM6

Have you just received your Thermomix? Or maybe you're waiting for it's arrival...

Either way, you’re getting excited and you’re not sure what you’re going to cook first, there are so many recipes to choose from! I would suggest, as a beginner to Thermomix, that you don’t try to do your own recipes just yet. Try some of these from cookidoo (links below, in the coloured rectangles) and move on from there. 

Firstly you need to set up an account on from a desktop (not on your Thermomix) that way you get an extra 1 month trial for free. Then have a look at my suggested recipes and start adding the ones you like the look of to your collections. 

When your Thermomix arrives, you’ll log in with your account details and all your lists will show on your Thermomix. This is also how your free 6 months is added (it gets automatically added to the account you login to your thermomix with).

Here are my suggested recipes from Cookidoo (our online recipe platform) to get started with, both easy and tasty, they are some of my favourites….

Click on the type of dish you're looking for, in the rectangle below, to find Kels' suggestions

Below is a video of me unboxing my TM6 so you can see what it comes with and what to do first.

Click here for the online user manual for Thermomix – there’s no longer one in the box, it’s all online.