Get Your Thermomix

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Until 31st March you can buy Thermomix with 12, 24 or 36 months spread payments INTEREST FREE! PLUS you get 3 extra years warranty completely free. (The extra warranty is not for commercial customers.) So that's 5 years warranty.

You can’t buy a Thermomix online, you have to buy them through an advisor like me (Kels) – and I would love to be your advisor! 

The Thermomix TM6 in white (the most up to date model) is £1189 – Thermomix never discount – if you have seen it cheaper, it’s not legit. 

There are THREE WAYS to get a Thermomix in your life…

  • Become an advisor and earn one for FREE
  • Spread payments
  • or pay by card 

So how do you get your hands on one? Get in contact and I can not only organise you getting you very own TM6 but I’ll show you how it all works, I have a customer WhatsApp group where we share recipes, I do regular classes on zoom and I do some in person classes too in a variety of locations. 

N.B Thermomix never discount the TM6 and the only colour available is white (we did a limited edition Black edition in March but it’s no longer available) – if you see a discounted Thermomix TM6, it’s not the official page. Please be aware there is a webpage posing as the official Thermomix website. Our only official website is, advisor like me have blogs but if you’re seeing a website offering amazing deals and freebies – it’s fake.

Call 07771 648 111 now to place an order through me and I’ll be your advisor and help you get started on your Thermomix journey. 

There may be gifts or offers available too, do call me for a chat on what is available – more details on how to get one & finance options below. 

Fill in the form below if you would like me to get in contact to set up a demo or if it’s a gift, I can do the demo on zoom for them once they have received it. 

Card – we take Mastercard or visa, no Amex. It will show as ‘Vorwerk’ on your statement.

Finance – Thermomix/Vorwerk uses Novuna Finance for our spread payments – you can apply yourself via a link or you can do a soft search with me before applying. A soft search is where you are told if you will pass before you apply.

What does your Thermomix TM6 come with?

Your Thermomix comes complete with everything you need, including:

VAROMA (steaming basket at top of Thermomix – this has two trays)
SIMMERING BASKET (used to cook rice, potatoes, can be used as a strainer, sits inside the ‘bowl’)
BUTTERFLY WHISK (used for whipping up meringues, sorbet, ice cream etc)
BOWL (this is what you call the jug type bowl that you see with the handle)
MEASURING CUP (this sits in the lid to stop splashes and is removed when using the Varoma)
THERMOMIX SPATULA (really clever design – I’ll show you at your demo)
‘Simple Ideas’ COOKBOOK

2 year warranty (1 year if it’s a commercial purchase)
Six months cookidoo (the online recipe platform) access
14 days money back guarantee – you have 14 days from delivery date to try out your Thermomix and you can return it for a full refund if you decide it’s not for you.

The only extra things you may want is a blade cover (£19 for original one, £32 for the one that also peels potatoes), a bottle brush/tea pot brush for cleaning under the blades and you may like to have some extra silicone spatulas – I buy any sturdy silicone ones, they don’t have to be thermomix ones.

Size in shipping box – roughly 54cm high, 39cm wide, 38 deep 

Thrmomix at Good Food show