I want to buy a Thermomix – how do I do it?

So you want to buy a Thermomix but you’re not sure where you can get one from? Thermomix are sold through independent advisors, like me. If you know how they work and you just want to place an order, please give me a call on 07771 648 111 and I can put through and order for you over the phone. You can also spread payments, in which case, I take a few details and either I go through everything in person or I get someone from head office to set up the order and you then go through the details with them on the phone, if there are no issues, it only takes a few days to authorise.

If you’ve heard about them but don’t know what they do, I can organise to come and do a cooking experience for you and we can cook a few recipes together so you can try the food and see how it works. Alternatively, I can do a virtual demo for you – which is what is happening now on lock down. Once you receive your machine, I will then do a virtual or in-person welcome demo for you.

Buying through an advisor means you get a 5 star service – when you have a question, you can just message or call me and I’ll help you.  I send hints and tips plus recipe suggestions in my newsletters too – you can join these even if you haven’t bought a Thermomix through me.  I love everything Thermomix and I love hearing about my customers’ creations.



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