Lymington’s Seafood Festival

A very wet day for my demo!

As I am totally bonkers, I somehow ended up presenting the Thermomix at Lymington’s Seafood Festival in their demo kitchen! I had 45 minutes and when I saw the line up on their website, it turned out I was pretty much the only person who wasn’t a professional chef!  I had a fantastic time, the weather was hideous but we still had a pretty big crowd and I loved every minute of it.

The crowd at my demo kitchen session – getting very wet!

Nearly every chef I spoke to had a Thermomix and so did a few people watching my session in the demo kitchen.  Alex Aitken from the Jetty has had a Thermomix for 30 years, Sam from Liberty Loves said hers cuts her time preparing from tens of minutes to seconds (her raw biscotti was delicious by the way!)


If you’d like to see it in action do get in touch


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