About me

Years ago my Mum bought a Thermomix and gave us all the Thermomix obsession too. The TM31 (the old model) was a big part of my cooking for the last 13 years and in August 2017 I had a demo from a lovely lady who showed me the newest model, the TM5, and WOW! I was totally blown away.

I run a busy photography business, I have a studio in the New Forest, Hampshire if you’d like to have a look, here’s my photography website: www.kels.co.uk
I have 3 gorgeous and lively children who all use my Thermomix and a fantastic husband who loves what we all make in it!

Given I like to be doing a million things at once, I decided to become a Thermomix advisor after seeing the TM5 and I trained in April 2018. I was having such a great time going to people’s houses and cooking with them, as it’s fun and social and it’s nice to do something a little different to keep things interesting! When lock down hit I moved over to Zoom demo and live cooking classes and I absolutely love it.  I can help people all over the World (I can only sell to the UK & Ireland but I still have people I help overseas).

If you would like to see & have a go using the thermomix – I cover the whole of the UK & Ireland –  please get in touch by call/text: 07771 648 111 or by email demo@mythermomixadventures.com

If you would like to become an advisor and earn your own Thermomix either email or give me a call.